Experts Painting Kitchen Cabinets

We respray kitchens rather than replace them! Kitchen Respray works out to a fraction of the price of kitchen refits and much cheaper than Kitchen door replacement too. We retain the original features of your kitchen and any favourite items of furniture you want to match up too, giving them a hard wearing long lasting new lease of life in a wide range of colours! We even fill in the blemishes and dents to leave you with a new looking kitchen and a healthy wallet too!


Painting Kitchen Units

Our company has the best finishers that is why it offers a wide variety of personalized products and services that will surely change the striking Kitchen that you always wanted.


Kitchen Cabinet Update

We are so confident that My Wonder Kitchen has the highest level of competence in our service that we even guarantee our products and services for 5 years.


Spray Paint My Kitchen Cabinet

Different companies use different terms, Kitchen resurfacing, kitchen painting cabinets, Kitchen respraying, whichever way you say it, there is no doubt, it makes a lot of sense. You save thousands comparing to the cost and the inconvenience of replacing.

Respray your kitchen for only 12 euros per week


Kitchen Respray Colour

My Wonder Kitchen is the solution to all your kitchen resurfacing needs. We have been in the kitchen restoration business in Europe for more than 20 years. By providing the best finishes, workmanship and design consulting services.


Kitchen Respray Handles

MY WONDER KITCHEN provides an innovative kitchen refinishing service to restore tired and out-dated looking kitchens.


Spray Painting Doors

You may have just moved into your ‘new’ home and you may want to change the colour of the doors on a ‘new’ kitchen, to give you a completely unique kitchen, as we can spray your kitchen any colour and finish of your choice.

Respray, Refurbish or Repaint

The kitchen is the hub of the Irish home

… for both practical and social reasons, so our Paint has been made to give you, not only, a contemporary colour range but is also to kill 99.9% of household germs on the paint surface. All steam resistant and scrubbable, so you can just wipe marks away.

There are a bazillion colors to choose from at your local home improvement store. And that can make finding the best shade for your cooking space a mind-boggling chore. So, how do you pick?

Too easy! call us and our interior design specialist will advise you of the best color for your kitchen.

Kitchen Respray. Kitchen Respray Services

Why spend a fortune on a new kitchen – when we can create a whole new look for a fraction of the cost!

By using the latest kitchen respray & refurbishment techniques, we can give new life to your existing kitchen doors, drawer fronts, shelving units, plinths, cooker hoods, make and fit matching end panels.

We have been operating our successful kitchen respraying, refurbishing, repainting and recoating system for over 20 years and we offer full Dublin and Ireland coverage.

We will respray, recoat and refurbish your kitchen units in any colour of your choice. We provide a free no obligations quotation. No deposit is required with your kitchen respray and recoating order. Payment is taken on completion of all kitchen recoating work.

Contact us for a Free, no obligations quote. Please visit the contact page for more information.

Respray your current kitchen and get a new look
Respray your current kitchen and get a new look without moving a single cabinet with My Wonder Kitchen

Your kitchen is the meeting place for your family, and also, kitchen doors are the furniture that most suffer from your home.

No so expensive as you think

Melamine kitchen doors are installed in many kitchens, as it is a cheaper material than wood, it has a great resistance to humidity and changes in temperature, but over time, deteriorate, therefore, many people would like to reform the kitchen, but they don’t do it because they think it is very expensive.

Luckily, My Wonder Kitchen Respray Services changes your kitchen for very little money, updating your kitchen so that it is transformed to new.

We have painted kitchens in Ireland with the best quality and the best products.

To do this, we have the best Finishers, send your kitchen photo today and you will have a quote in 10 minutes.

Respray your existing kitchen for a fraction cost of the replacement

NO matter what type of kitchen doors styles you have, our professional finishers will create your perfect kitchen.

Kitchens equipped with melamine doors break down in a few years, so it is very important to apply kitchen respray process.

There are many kitchen designs, smooth kitchens, kitchens with molding, high gloss kitchens, my wonder kitchen advises the ideal color and the type of gloss for your kitchen cabinets.

Best quality, best products

We use the best paint spray, polyurethane, two paint components that give super smooth finish. paint or stain?

This painting offers better finish than the stain and is very durable. We collect doors in your home to apply process in our workshop, so we avoid sanding dust in your home. For paint cabinets we apply the same process as for the kitchen doors, before spray painting the stained cabinets, we sand the surface well with special sand disc wood grain, to achieve excellent grip between new coats and stained wood.

We apply several coats and sand up to the top layer, so we get super smooth. Our finishers have many years of experience, capable of painting white paint, even the darkest color such as blue or black.

Respray your existing kitchen for a fraction cost of the replacement
Kitchen Respray

Kitchen Respray in Ireland

It is not necessary to spend thousands replacing your kitchen doors when you can apply your current kitchen for a fraction of the cost.

In most cases the kitchen doors in Ireland are made of very strong wood and are in good condition, therefore, My Wonder Kitchen Provides a professional finishing paint that restores your old or worn kitchen to look like new.

Across Ireland

It does not matter in which part of Ireland you live, we work all over the country, that’s why they consider us the best company kitchen restoration in Ireland, because we reach the farthest corners always ready to improve your kitchen.

Even, we also restore kitchen presses, changing the frames if necessary, without additional cost, free. We have the best team for painting kitchen units.

We’re here to help you

My Wonder Kitchen, Ireland’s largest Respray Company, are now the first Kitchen Respray Service to offer finance through humm company.

Apply for humm online using any mobile device and enjoy a no fuss application process which is simple and quick. You can receive a credit decision in minutes!