Spray Paint

My Kitchen Cabinet

Painting and refreshing your cabinets is an ideal way to give your space a modern outlook. It is the best way to make the renovation process quicker.

Finishing of your Choice – Spray Paint My Kitchen Cabinet

Since you don’t have to take the pains of removal and demolition, it is also an environmental choice. What kind of finish would you like to get your cabinets painted?

If you are after a solid colour, we can paint the cabinets or can re-stain them to let the wood grain show through.

Keep the Existing Layout – Spray Paint My Kitchen Cabinet

The kitchen spray paint allows you to keep the same layout as the existing one and is an affordable option to installing new cabinet.

Well, you might seem to disagree initially with the spray painting but the exceptional results will make you believe in the excellence of it. The proof is in the picture!

You can check out the kitchen transformation on the website. Removal and delivery of the cabinets is on us.

Can you state your SOP for Kitchen spray painting during Pandemic?

Before entering the site, Our service technicians disinfect our equipment outside for customer’s protection and satisfaction.

They enter the house wearing heavy filter masks, Tyvek suits, and gloves, and set up air machines to dry the place faster. Disinfecting the working area using an Ammonium Chloride-based product that is food safe comes next. Then they do what they are good at and that is spray painting your kitchen.

They repeat the disinfecting procedure once they are done with kitchen spray paint. 2 hours after spray painting the kitchen, the area can be used by the user.

We Grant A Smooth Surface – Spray Paint My Kitchen Cabinet

We take the cabinets to the offsite for spray painting and grant them a smooth surface that reflects the beauty of spray painting.

You can rely on us for your Spray Paint My Kitchen Cabinet and we will take care of your concerns and ensure that the finish is drip and blemish free.

We typically apply 4-5 coats, for confirming the smooth and gloss finish. You can schedule an in-person appointment for getting an accurate cost with one of our consultants.

Get expert solution to your Spray Paint My Kitchen Cabinet, Give us a call today!

How much can I save if I choose kitchen spray paint over complete renovation?

  • Both the options have their own perks.
  • Renovation.

If you want to go with renovation is here are the few things you are going to need:

Time: Planning and execution at such a scale are going to take more than a week if everything goes your way.

Money: The complete renovation of an average size kitchen can cost you around 3000 Euros which is almost twice the minimum monthly wages here in Ireland. You can do the math by putting your budget in the equation.

Kitchen spray paint

We aren’t aware of how much one is going to save if one uses to services of some other kitchen spray paint service provider. But, we believe in the expertise of our company’s hands and we are certain that our service will definitely win your praises and recommendation.

Small Kitchens
€700to €990
Large Kitchens
€1300to €1490
Very large Kitchens
€1490to €1590

We are also the first Kitchen Respray Service to offer finance* through Flexi-Fi. Don’t hesitate and give us a try My Wonder Kitchen. Cost assessment of the project is free of cost.