Respray Kitchen

Below we explain how is our professional process to respray kitchen. Our experience has been acquired in the best respray furniture factories in Europe. My Wonder Kitchen has the best finishers with more than 15 years of experience about resurface kitchen.
Day 1
Respray Kitchen preparation

The first day of work is usually quite fast, barely in an hour, we remove kitchen doors, kitchen drawers, etc.

We explain to the customer attentively how is the process, we confirm the kitchen and take a kitchen handle as a sample, in case you want to replace them.

It is not necessary to empty your kitchen cabinets.

Our finishers will cover all kitchen units and the paint, in no time, will be in contact with the interior of the kitchen presses.

that day, can you ask any question to our finisher, he will answer any questions you have about the respray kitchen process.

Respray Kitchen process (Day 1)
Day 2
Resurface Kitchen

The work of this day is done exclusively in our workshop, so no inconvenience is generated in your home. The procedure to restore kitchen doors is special and exclusive to My Wonder Kitchen, eliminating all grease and dirt, treating the surface of your kitchen doors to eliminate any damage or imperfection, applying several first coats, thus achieving a very consistent and capable base to withstand any blow or high temperature cooking.

Finally, we apply several coats of color with a special paint for kitchen cabinets, resistant and durable, that is why we offer 5 years of warranty.

We fully rely on our respray kitchen process and of course, we will give you the proper guarantee.

Resurface Kitchen (day 2)
Day 3
Respray Kitchen process

The third day is a complete work in your home, applying the same process of the kitchen doors, to the kitchen units.

For that we cover all the kitchen presses before to respray kitchen, that way, we guarantee a job a very clean work without messing up any corner of your home.

We spend meters and meters of paper and masking tape, but it does not matter, the most important thing is to leave your home clean and organized.

Once the work is finished, we remove all the paper, place the kitchen doors and place the kitchen handles.

The final result … simply amazing!

Kitchen Respray process (day 3)


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