Painting Kitchen Units

High Quality Kitchen Painting Services

A good painting is capable of keeping your kitchen functional and is a perfect way to change the look of your drawers and the cabinets.

We primarily provide the kitchen painting services and remove the doors and the other removable components to be sprayed at the workshop.

With extensive colour choice and modern spray painting equipment we provide you the comprehensive suite of Painting Kitchen Units.

Painting Kitchen Units in Just 3 – 4 Days

The small and medium sized kitchen size is usually takes 3-4 days. Depending upon the area accessible to spray, the furniture can be sprayed on the site which requires masking of the area around the component that is to be painted.

Choose the colour that matches your complete kitchen décor or you can also choose the contrasting one.

A few questions …

Yes, we have technicians who have the expertise in painting such kitchen units. We have the gears and methods to spray, respray and paint every kitchen unit no matter they are affixed or mounted on something or not. Besides painting kitchen units, we also install knobs and new handles of various ornamental designs.

We use the strongest Polyurethane, anti-scratch, and water-resistant paints available so that they survive daily life scratches for a long period of time. We do the priming to avoid infestation and apply ample coatings to give a glossy finish.

Minor repairs are done free of cost along with respray. The spray does not do any changes to the layout so you don’t have to worry about the redecoration to make the new look go with the rest of the kitchen units and is an affordable option to installing new cabinet. So, if you want the kitchen units to be painted or resprayed then contact us.

Paint over grease does not give a good finish. So we would suggest you to go with “Respraying the units”. Our procedure would be to sand the grease off first and then spray the paint to give your kitchen units a smooth and soothing finish. This painting will add up few more years to your kitchen units will save a big chunk of money for your wallet.

Personalized & Customized Painting Kitchen Unites

The professional undertakes your personalized choices for drafting the painting plan and begin with the project immediately.

Contact us for Painting Kitchen Units or you can email us the brief outline of the required dimensions, images of your kitchen and the location.

We will get back to you with the estimate and the time it will take. The professional will commence the work upon agreement and the date arranged.

You are most welcome to go through the portfolio for making your decision. Contact us and get the estimate.