Kitchen Cabinet Update

The most common fear that grips when you think about kitchen cabinet update is “It is a lengthy process and the costly one too, Should I go for it?” There don’t have to be barriers to get the kitchen you have always dream about.

Most Affordable Kitchen Cabinet Update Services

If you among those home owners who want to update the kitchen cabinet without compromising the existing layout then get it refinished.

Our Kitchen Cabinet Update process does more than just covering up the old one with the new one.

Restore Color and Finish – Kitchen Cabinet Update

The professionals aim at restoring the colour and finish of your cabinet that seem nothing less than the new one.

We ensure the best adhesive surface with cleaning and priming the cabinets and won’t let any wood grain exposed, giving your cabinet a glossy and smooth appearance.

You can avail full kitchen remodel without breaking up the bank.

Painting furniture gives it a new lease on life and allows you to give a new decor to your house’s interiors.
Besides these features, Painting or spraying is considered one of the most cost-effective home repair or redecorating improvements if done properly.
Now, if anyone says “what technique should I choose for my kitchen cabinets? Should I hire spray paint professionals for my kitchen cabinets or give another shot to our regular painter who does brush painting? We would love to pull you out of this dilemma. Our experts say the best paint application technique depends on the type of furniture you’re painting and the look and finish you want to achieve.

Spray painting

Spray paint is often used by our furniture refinishing experts due to its quality and professional-looking performance. If you want a high-gloss, lacquer finish, spray paint can be a good option.

It offers other perks as well, such as:

  • Brushstroke-free, even coverage.
  • Spray painting is quicker than brush painting, and most spray paint is oil-based, which means it lasts longer than latex paint.
  • Spray paint works on a variety of surfaces, including wood, metal, wicker, plastic, and resin.
  • Spray paint is easier to spread on furniture with spindles, tiny pieces, or complicated nooks and crannies because it dries much faster than brushed-on paint.
  • Easier cleanup: no need to scrub brushes, rollers, containers, or paint trays.

Spray paint is a great way to give a kitchen cabinet, bench, stool, or end table a simple makeover.

Choose from an Extensive Range of Options for Kitchen Cabinet Update

Choose from our extensive range of Kitchen Cabinet Update options and get the picture perfect kitchen of your dreams.

If you are feeling overwhelmed with so many options, we are there to help you choosing the best for your kitchen cabinets.

We will walk you through each and every process and make sure you just love your choice. Find the perfect finish that befits your personal style.

The process might take time, but the smooth and glossy finish is what makes it worth. Contact for getting expert solutions for your cabinets.

Choosing spray paint for my kitchen cabinet a good idea?

Spray Painting or painting, in general, is the way to go if you need to make a cost-effective decision. Painting is an appealing choice even though you are not required to make the most cost-effective decision because it allows you to invest more money elsewhere. We would say it’s a smart move to make when you think your kitchen cabinets are sturdy enough to not give you trouble for another 2-3 years. Besides all this, The cost of new cabinets, including installation, will account for nearly half of your kitchen renovation budget.

How your professionals are going to give spray paint to my kitchen cabinet?

We follow the general procedure with the aspiration to give you the best value for you money. We aspire to do general things in the best possible they can be done. Here is the list of steps we take to give your kitchen cabinets a strong and glossy coat.

  • Remove Cabinet Doors & Hardware from Cabinets.
  • Repair Holes, Dents or Gouges.
  • Sand the Cabinet Doors & Drawer Fronts.
  • Wipe Down Sanded Surfaces.
  • Give required coats of Priming.
  • Painting.
  • Reinstall the hardware to the cabinets to reattach them in the kitchen.
  • Attach knobs and pulls if asked for.

Will you spray paint my kitchen cabinet doors on both sides?

We do spray both sides of kitchen doors with strongest Polyurethane, anti-scratch, and water-resistant paints available in the market.

What is the best paint to respray kitchen cabinets?

It depends on the material type and also your desired finish. We have a palette of shades to help with the selection of paint colour to respray kitchen cupboard. We use strongest Polyurethane paints and professional- grade lacquer add sturdiness while giving a high-end luxurious appeal.

Now, if you are looking to hire professionals to respray your doors kitchen cabinets etc, you can reach us to get the fair idea about the estimates. We do estimation free of cost. We were the first respray service provider to offer finance so don’t limit your re-decoration desires only because of financial constraints. Give us a call at 01 687 4101 for any query regarding respraying.