7 steps to RESTORE your KITCHEN

We are going to give you 7 TRICKS to CHANGE your KITCHEN ? without moving a single cabinet ? a cheap and simple way to restore the most important place in your home.

Changing a kitchen completely is very expensive, sometimes, it is a reform at home very uncomfortable. Sometimes, the kitchen doors are in good condition or are very strong woods like Oak, Beech etc. So … what can I do?

We explain 7 simple steps to restore your kitchen without moving a single cabinet.

7 steps to RESTORE your KITCHEN

1. Respray your Kitchen

Without a doubt, it is the fastest, simplest and cheapest option you can choose. There is a great variety of colors to paint your kitchen. What is the process?

Normally the first thing you should do is to remove the doors and wash very well with sugar soap, since we must remove all the grease before painting (this step is very important, otherwise, the new paint will not have a grip) then you should sand with paper sandpaper 240 , if you wish, you can re-sand with 320.

Next step it is necessary to paint several primer coats, respecting the drying time between coats, we recommend 2 or 3 coats. Finally apply the color in other 2 or 3 coats, always respecting the drying time between coats, to obtain a supersmooth result, sand the surface between coats.

It is possible to do it by yourself, using brushes or rolls, but if you want a professional result, you should contact a professional company for this type of work, discover in this link the best companies to re-spray your kitchen.

7 steps to RESTORE your KITCHEN

2. Restore Kitchen Countertop

One of the most important areas of your kitchen, it does not matter if you restore if you restore your kitchen, if your countertop is old and damaged, the part of your kitchen will remain poor.

There are several materials for kitchen countertop, granite, quartz, marble, wood, formica etc.

Undoubtedly, stone is the material of more quality and probably the most beautiful for your kitchen, they are usually expensive, but if your budget allows it, it is the most appropriate option.

A medium-range material is wood, combining perfect colors with kitchen doors.

the cheapest option is formica, this material is sold in many stores in Ireland, and it’s sometimes, you can change it for yourself.

Do not forget that you can also spray, in this way, you can customize the color, creating a perfect contrast between kitchen cabinets, walls and floor. Click here to discover the best companies to re-spray countertops.

3. Change Kitchen Handles

Never has such a small gesture made such a big change. You can not imagine the change in your kitchen when you put new handles.

Imagine for a moment, freshly painted kitchen, it seems new, you’re not going to change shooters?

There are many models, but the good news is that it is a very cheap material that gives a spectacular change to your kitchen, aluminum, wood, chrome, retro, find the one that best suits your kitchen and change it completely.

My wonder Kitchen changes the handles without additional cost , keep in mind, that most of the time you have to make new holes, only qualified companies can do it.

Contact Us: Kitchen Replace vs Kitchen Respray

4. Paint Kitchen Walls

Of course, do it, change the color of your Kitchen Walls. When you have chosen the color of your kitchen, look for a color for the walls that can create a harmony contrast in your kitchen.

Combine light colors to give spaciousness to the room. Contrast several shades of gray or cream.

There are many varieties of colors, F & B and Colortrend have very ambiguous letters, besides, it is a job that you can do yourself.

5. Kitchen Tiles to restore your kitchen

It is not the largest area of your kitchen, but it plays a very important role. The tiles protect some areas of water and steam when we cook, making the walls waterproof, what to do when the tiles are old?

A nice option is to place new tiles on top of the old ones, thus avoiding unnecessary reforms.

But it is also possible to re-spray, it is the cheapest, fastest option and you also choose the ideal color to make contrast between kitchen, walls and tiles.

6. Change Kitchen Floor

It is usually an expensive option, but if your budget allows it, you will give a big change to your kitchen.

Everything will fall, and you know it. Not to mention that you will have to endure constant changes in temperature and humidity and frequent cleaning. Save yourself disappointments and choose the best floor for your kitchen.

Ceramic imitates it more and more realistically but part of the beauty of the stone lies in its natural character and the subtle variations of its surface, which make each piece unique.

Kitchen respray colour

Some of the most used in the kitchen are slate, granite or marble -the latter is once again a trend in all spaces- and, although all of them age elegantly, you have to be willing to see the wear produced by the rub on the parts subject to greater use and take into account that its placement is usually more complex than that of ceramics.

Who would not want to have a wooden floor in the kitchen? It is warm while elegant and converts the most sober composition into a cozy space, although it is not recommended in the most trot, unless you have no problem with the ‘lived’ finishes and scars that may be leaving the day a day on its relatively soft surface. If so, opt for a solid floor, which will allow several restorations and accompany you throughout the life of the kitchen.

7. Decorate with Accessories

On the internet you can find hundreds of pictures of kitchens decorated with open shelves, where everything is completely in sight. From the glasses, to the plates. And although it is a nice idea, in general it is very impractical (not everyone is so ordered, and things get dirty faster …). The good thing is that you can achieve the look much easier.

Put a couple of shelves in some space that you are not using (or you can also replace some of your furniture with open shelves) and leave your most beautiful accessories there. That will make the kitchen look more spacious and bright.

Many times we leave the lighting aside and we go for the most functional, but it is time to dare. You can choose from a lamp of tears, to some glass spheres … Everything will depend on your style. Lighting is always one of the most key elements of a good decoration.

You can put a couple of plants on the shelves, or some sources with fresh fruits. The color always serves to give a more entertaining look to any space, and if you have followed our decorating tips for the kitchen, in a space painted white are the perfect accessory.

Now that you know all about restoring your kitchen, you just find the ideal company to do it, without a doubt, My Wonder Kitchen , with more than 20 years of experience and the most qualified finishers, send photo to quote.

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