How to paint your kitchen cabinets

What is Kitchen Respray?

The kitchen respray is precisely what it sounds like. Rather than tearing your cabinets out, they are simply taped off to prevent excess spray, and they are then spray painted the colour you want! It sounds simple, in fact, it almost sounds too good to be true, but our before and after pictures don’t lie. When choosing a kitchen respray service don’t compromise price for quality. Choose My Wonder Kitchen Respray service  at

How much does it cost paint your kitchen cabinets?

Prices vary depending on the size, style and finish of your kitchen.

Kitchen with islands and utilitys cost a little more. Small Kitchens start at around €850 Average Kitchens are usually €1250 Larger Kitchens usually cost upward of €1800 and obviously very large kitchens can be more. It still totals to be around 25% of the replacement cost.

How much can I save?

What if we told you that you could paint your kitchen cabinets without tearing down your or investing large amounts of money? You can spray paint your kitchen for a quarter of what it cost to replace it. Sometimes, your kitchen cabinets are just fine, and you are performing the remodel simply to add a new splash of colour.

Respray your kitchen and paint your kitchen cabinets

A kitchen is the most valuable room in the entire house at times. The condition of this room can help or hinder the value of the home. This is why it is important for a homeowner to strive to maintain this room throughout the life of the house. When your kitchen begins to show wear and tear, there are a couple of different ways to recapture its favourable condition and appearance. One is replacing all the kitchen cabinets in the room with brand new units. The other method is called kitchen respray.

Are you intrigued? If so, then now would be a great time to have a look at our website and see what kind of options we offer. You might be shocked at what we have available, but even more shocked at how it can both change your life and keep money in your pocket at the same time. Remember, the next time you think “remodel,” think “respray”‘, instead. Your wallet will thank you!

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It’s All About the Finish

A Spray painted kitchen is the ultimate finish. Super smooth, Super strong and maintenance free. We guarantee that.

For a fraction of the cost of a typical kitchen remodel, you can achieve the exact same effect and enjoy your kitchen as is for the next ten years, or perhaps more if you feel like going for another respray.

When you look at the overall picture, doesn’t kitchen spray painting appeal more to you than replacing all your cabinets does? Respraying spruces up a kitchen and gives it new life.

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My Wonder Kitchen can help you to refurbish your kitchen making you save a lot of money. Do not hesitate and call us!

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