Is spray painting kitchen cabinets a good idea?

What should I know before painting the kitchen furniture?


It’s a big change, the truth is that the paint in those old kitchen cabinets cover all the imperfections and over the years in a cheap way and with a great result as there are many colors that will improve and give a more current touch to your kitchen. Remember: spray painting kitchen cabinets is alway an excelent idea.

The current products make this task very easy to put into practice, and in My Wonder kitchen we are experts in the art of Respray.

Nothing can beat time, homes continue to deteriorate, the use itself makes things break and wear out so that painting is a really useful option because of its result and how little is spent on it.

Increase the value of the house, if you are thinking of selling or renting the state of the kitchen and bathrooms is paramount when setting a price, the good condition and a good decoration of a kitchen allows the owners to get a price much more reasonable from which one has to resign.

Kitchen Respray Dublin BEFORE
Kitchen Respray Dublin BEFORE
Kitchen Respray Dublin BEFORE

One of the most surprising and economical options to transform and update your kitchen is painting the furniture, in My WonderKitchen we have already done it in many projects and the result is splendid, if you accompany it with a new countertop, more current handles, much order and some decorative detail; suddenly you find an absolutely new and different kitchen.

If you dare to give a change to the kitchen, cheer up and give the final touch to make it look like the kitchen is completely new, paint and decorate, for example, the dining table or add color to the wall.


No problem, we remove all the cover and spray directly on MDF wood.

We need a strong primer, since it must grip the paint well and this type of surface usually makes it slip. One or two coats of primer will be enough to make the result as natural as possible.

It is recommended that up to 24 hours after painting the kitchen furniture do not apply abrasive products or do any task that can scratch the surfaces since it is until that date, approximately, when it does not take force and fixes the paint to the surface.


Do not clean the surface is an error, the rush is not good so do not throw yourself directly because the result will not be the same, believe us; and even if you think they are clean, you must pass a cloth and leave it untainted.

Not all paint supplies you can buy cheap, avoid very cheap rollers because you will see that the paint does not stay the same.

Do not even think about not using primer, we have known cases in which by not spending more or not seeing it relevant they have not used a primer, remember that you need the best fixation for a better and lasting result.

Fill the small slits or holes with some putty since the surface should be absolutely smooth.

One recommendation, do not choose a color that you are going to tire of after two days, think first and then put it into practice.

Kitchen Respray Dublin AFTER
Kitchen Respray Dublin AFTER
Kitchen Respray Dublin AFTER
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