Kitchen Respray Cost: HOW MUCH does it cost to RESPRAY a KITCHEN in Ireland?

Do you really know how much a kitchen respray cost is?

Many companies in Ireland can offer their services to re-spray kitchen, therefore, you can find many different quotes, but really, what is the cost?

That answer depends on several factors like at the kitchen size, doors, cabinets or sometimes a big company and in the top positions of google usually give expensive quotes to respray kitchen.

Kitchen Respray prices

All jobs vary in price according to their size. Small kitchens cost around €700 to €990. Average kitchens between €1090 and €1190. large kitchens are from €1300 to €1490 and very large kitchen are from €1490 to €1590. All these are approximate prices, our budgets are reasonable and very adjusted to your needs.

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Important when asking for a quote

The most important thing is to choose the company, ask for work guarantees, and demand a minimum of 5 coats, otherwise, the kitchen in a few months will have an old look again. The workers that the company sends must be qualified and professional finishers.

That’s the key in order to know a real kitchen respray cost with no surprises!

Respray is Good for Your Kitchen, Here is Why!

Kind of paint for kitchens

You should not forget what kind of paint they are going to apply, the paint should be polyurethane and with two components, color and catalyst. If you use different paint the result can be very bad, losing a lot of money to re-spray.

What company is the best?

Only the company that has the best finishers can guarantee a good job, the finishers with training in painting, drying time, surface treatment, and of course, painted skill, are the only recommended for this type of work, ALWAYS ASK FOR TRAINING OF THE FINISHERS. At select the best and with many years of experience, ask for a quote for more information.

Kitchen Cabinet and Door Respray – A Budget-Friendly Option

Whether you’ve recently bought a new apartment in Dublin or believe it’s time to rebuild your current kitchen, you may be thinking that your stained wooden doors and cabinets are the first item to go. However, before you tear down these kitchen cabinets, you should assess the present state of the doors and drawers and assess your choices.

A complete remodel of your kitchen will be significantly more expensive and disruptive to your life in your Dublin home. The contractor will have to first remove your old cabinets and doors, you’ll have to find and/or design new ones that meet the needs of your space, and then the new furnishings will have to be installed or built.

We can assist you in examining the present state of your doors to see whether respraying them is a viable choice for you. We can also paint laminate and thermofoil these units in addition to respraying these doors and cabinets!

Kitchen Respray Cost: HOW MUCH does it cost to RESPRAY a KITCHEN in Ireland?

Though cost-effective is Respray For Doors and Cabinets a good makeover option?

The first important thing to observe is if your cabinets and doors really do need to be resprayed. While it’s true that this is becoming a more common option for upgrading your kitchen’s furnishings and doors, there are some drawbacks too. This is especially true if you opt to do it yourself and end up with a week’s worth of work. Furthermore, dust can soon build-up, resulting in a bigger mess than you intended.

The issue with just painting your kitchen doors and cabinets is the quality of the paint and how long it will endure.

Why should you choose us over some random home painter to get a good kitchen respray cost?

  1. We use tried-and-trusted products and procedures, hence, most projects are finished in 6 business days or less with minimum interruption.
  2. Thorough surface preparation is ensured to guarantee optimal surface adherence.
  3. For a brilliant finish, we respray your doors and drawer fronts with high-quality furniture grade paints so that after curing they give your furniture a strong, lasting finish.
  4. Elegant, high-end finish choices are available so that you can choose what will go best over your kitchen furniture and doors on the respray.
  5. Homeowners can get a free colour consultation.

How does My Wonder Kitchen get the job done elegantly with a minimum kitchen respray cost?

  • We first gently remove all the hinges and hardware and then identify them accordingly before respraying; if door hardware has been replaced and the replacement has created irregularities on the surface of the furniture, don’t worry, we seal whatever voids that have been left.
  • Our technicians then carefully Cloak and safeguard floors, counters, and surrounding surfaces because if the clocking the process is not done properly the paint will bleed through the cover and ruin the aesthetics of the kitchen space. We seal off the job site to keep the rest of your home clean.
  • Sanding the boxes, doors, and drawers before painting with vacuum attached sanders, which we’ve discovered almost eliminates dust.
  • Wipe off the surface to eliminate any remaining dust or filth.
  • Begin by applying two coats of bonding primer.
  • For a smooth finish, we apply two finish coatings to the doors and drawer faces.

My wonder kitchen knows how to rejuvenate and revitalize your kitchen using the finest ways available. Our method ensures that there will be no dust, mess, or stink and that the task can sometimes be done in only one day!

You’ll be pleasantly surprised by the outcomes. Call us right now at 01-687-4101 or email or WhatsApp us images of what you want to be done and we’ll give you a ballpark figure!

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