Kitchen Respray

Is Kitchen Respray very expensive?

Normally renewing a kitchen completely is very expensive, especially if you also change countertops. If you decide to re-spray your kitchen, you will save up to 80% of money, in addition, the finish is like an absolutely new kitchen.

What is Kitchen Respray?

Kitchen respray is the professional technique to update kitchens. This technique consists of applying several coats of primer and color above the surface of the kitchen doors and the kitchen cabinets, completely renewing the appearance of the kitchen. The surface is repaired, sanded and sprayed professionally and spray gun exclusively for professional use.

It is very important to have a wide professional knowledge regarding polyurethane paints for kitchens, wood treatment, drying times, and know how to mix paints of two components. Very few people know how to do this job in a professional way in Ireland.

How to respray kitchens cabinets?

Because kitchens cabinets are installed in your kitchen, it is not possible to remove to spray outside your home, therefore, this part of work is done exclusively at the client’s home. It is very important to cover all areas and protect walls, floor and roof to avoid staining due to excess paint. They must be cleaned before sanding all kitchen cabinets to remove grease, since grease is the main enemy of the paint. It is not advisable to paint the kitchen cabinets with a brush, since the result is not adequate, the surface will not be smooth, and finally you will have to pay for kitchen respray.

Kitchen Respray

Can I do that by myself?

There are very few people who really know how to paint kitchens professionally, many companies recruit workers from Eastern Europe with no experience and very low training. This type of workers do poor quality work, since they do not know how to react to a problem caused by paint, wood, surface or good use of tools, NO MATTER IF A COMPANY IS BIG, ALWAYS ASK FOR EXPERIENCE OF THE FINISHERS.
The true professionals and kitchen respray know how to treat their kitchen, all the kitchens are dioferentes and all need a specific solution to be repaired, remember, there are many ways to get to the same place.

My kitchen is very old, is it possible to update with the Kitchen Respray technique?

Yes, it is possible.

No matter how damaged or old your kitchen is, it is possible to repair and paint it to be new. the kitchen cupboards and the kitchen doors must be prepared their surfaces, since 68% of a good finish depends on preparing the surface well before painting, this process is very important and very few people do it, because it is faster paint on an old piece of furniture without repairing surface, but the work will be a bad job, remember, if you paint something old, it will still be old, but if you repair something old and paint it, the final appearance will be completely new.

Kitchen Respray Pigeon
Kitchen Respray Pigeon
Kitchen Respray Pigeon

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