New home, new floor

It is very common, when buying a new house in Ireland we receive our home without the floor and sometimes without internal doors.

A nightmare begins looking for what type of floor will be the best, how many millimeters, color and price. But the real problem come when we need our new laminate flooring installed.

How to get a new home?

It is a difficult task to find professionals who work the detail when installing laminate flooring. The price is also sometimes exorbitantly expensive, and the worst, the availability.

No problem, at My Wonder Kitchen we advise you some simple tricks to guarantee the best result.

New home, new floor

Get references

I know, it’s a topic to ask for references, but that’s why you shouldn’t stop doing it. ask for references and some phone numbers to check other projects, if the work was good, you will receive lovely reviews from other clients.

Color advice

Try to get the best contrast in your home. Consider the color of interior walls, ceiling, and doors. Visualize what color your furniture is to have a balance in your interior decoration of the home.

What floor?

There are many types of flooring, depending on the budget and conditions of the home, we can find laminate floor, Engineered Wood, Solid Wood Flooring etc. Don’t forget to consider skirting.

Laminate floor installing price

There is no standard price for this service, quotation from 25 euros per square meter to 60 euros per square meter. In My Wonder Kitchen, in addition to painting fantastic kitchens, we also install this type of flooring, at the best price, and with the professionalism that already characterizes us.

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Do you need help?

My Wonder Kitchen can help you to refurbish your kitchen making you save a lot of money. Do not hesitate and call us!

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