Paint & restore your garden shed

Do you want to restore your garden shed and have no idea? Keep reading…

Timber garden shed

Winter arrives, and the cold, the humidity and the rain arrive, the biggest enemies of our garden shed. The mader thirst deteriorates and on some occasions our garden shed door loses color, the paint and it looks very old.

Normally between March and April is the ideal time to restore garden shed, fences and any garden furniture, this way, you will enjoy your garden and a colorful and new environment in your own home.

In this article we explain all the steps to return the color to your garden.

What paint to use for restore your garden shed?

You must use a special exterior paint, unlike the interior walls of our house, the fences, garden shed and garden furniture suffer the actions of the sun, water, wind and humidity, therefore, you need special paint for exterior, and in some cases, you should also use a sealer for the wood.

Then apply before the color and make the most resistant wood, there are sealants in the market such as flax oil or teak oil with great strength and durability, after applying several layers of this oil (you must let several hours dry between layer and coats), you can apply final color you want.

Paint & restore your garden shed

Painting garden shed step by step

The first and most important thing is to wait until the whole surface is dry, we can also dry it with a drying gun. the next step is to remove all the old paint that is detached, and then we sanded the surface well so that the new paint has a good grip. we can also use a previous one, this will give an even smoother finish. finally we apply 3 or 4 coats of final color, always respecting the drying hours that the paint manufacturer tells us.

Brush or professional finish?

Brush painting is very simple and you can do it by yourself, but without a doubt the best thing is to obtain a professional finish. It is very fast and in just a few hours, everything will be painted and will have an impressive color. In addition, the finish is made with professional spray gun, and the surface is super smooth.

You can have your free quote today, guarantees a painting of shed in just one day, without discomfort, without disturbances, and in a professional way send today shed photo to

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