Re spray is cheaper

Re Spraying kitchen and furniture allows you to give them a spectacular finish, completely change their appearance and perhaps offer them a second life. Re Rociar is a great alternative to the replacement of kitchen whose finish we no longer like or quality furniture that has become outdated. Re Spraying lacquer coats and changing handles simply works miracles.

The old oak doors, the quality kitchen furniture whose colour you no longer like, an outdated bedroom … Any of these objects in the house can give a spectacular change with just a few coats of lacquer.

But beware! A professional lacquer is not the same as the enamel that you can apply yourself at home. In the first case, “the furniture and doors are like new, but it is necessary to take them to the workshop and paint them in a paint booth”.

Re spray is cheaper

A good job is to apply to the furniture several coats of primer (for some oak doors, four hands), which goes sanding between layers and finally another four coats of enamel in the paint booth, just as if a car it will be In order for the finish to be perfect, there is a coat horizontal direction, and a return one, plus a vertical coat and a back coat.

Applying the paint in the cabin allows the use of two-component polyurethane paints, which greatly improve the finish. However, there are areas that are left to do at home, for example, in the case of carcasses, especially if you see little: the edges of the interiors of monoblock type cabinets, which are seen slightly although the doors are closed.

Re Spray in any color is possible

It is possible to spray kitchen or furniture in any of the colors of the RAL chart or in one that uses the Finisher (NCS), but the passage through a tintometric system makes the enamels slightly higher and therefore the final price of the lacquer although, yes , the color that is obtained does not change an apex of what the client wants.

The demand for Re Spray matte has increased, but also the high gloss, which comes slightly more expensive. “I have customers who have asked me to spray a whole room in red Ferrari” …

Re spray is cheaper

An option to reheat kitchen without spending a lot of money

Re Spraying the doors and cabinets of solid wood kitchen furniture and its sides, frames, etc. costs about 1000 euros approximately, in the case of a kitchen of about 10 m2, although you always have to make a personalized budget.

Re Spraying furniture, the fashion option

The furniture varies depending on the size and complexity of its decoration, but it is worth renewing or modernizing them through the Re Reciado.

Re Spraying the furniture of a children’s room by applying lacquer and transforming it into another for a teenager is possible with this technique.

And, we must not forget that mixing styles is a trend in decoration, and renovating an old piece of furniture with lacquer in a very vivid color and integrating it into a modern decoration is a trend …

Re Spray, an option to keep in mind …!

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