Respray Kitchen doors

Respray Kitchen doors is not a difficult task. Nowadays it is very easy to paint your kitchen doors , there is a process that gives your kitchen doors a professional and freshly painted finish.

How can I paint my doors kitchen?

A clean and fast way, in addition, the work is done in a professional spray booth, without generating any discomfort in your home, the process of lacquering and painting requires a special ability that is acquired with many years of work, therefore, not everyone has that ability, it’s important to ask the company for the years of experience of its finishers.

Respray Kitchen doors

First of all think that it is not a job that you can finish in a few hours and that you have to calculate very well the days (yes, the days) of work that will take you since you will have to have the furniture empty and with the doors removed.

A kitchen with five cabinets is not the same as another kitchen with ten.

It measures approximately the surface that add up the cupboards. Think if you want to paint the doors inside and the sides of the furniture in sight that you also want to renew. With the approximate meters you can go to your DIY store or specialized in paintings to buy the amount you need.
Think of other advantages and disadvantages of painting kitchen furniture.

The art of respray in Ireland

To get a good respray kitchen doors you need a paint that has a great ability to “grip” and does not detach, jump or scratch easily. You also need to be “flexible” so you do not notice the marks of the brush or roller you use. It has to be resistant to heat, moisture and be easy to clean.

The most recommended paint is enamel, which offers these characteristics of flexibility and hardness once dry. There are already on the market specific paints to paint the kitchen cabinets as well as the tiles. They are special paints for this purpose that do not need previous priming and serve both for wood and melamine. They exist in matte, satin and gloss finishes.

There are enamels to the water, that is to say, acrylics, toilets and that are easy to work because so much to lighten them, to clean brushes and rollers and to remove the stains that could be produced you do not need more than water. Also, it does not yellow over time.

You can get a quote on the best company in Ireland to paint your kitchen doors.

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