What colour to paint the kitchen?

What colors are recommended for the walls of a kitchen or even to paint a kitchen?

Depends on the light, the proportions (if it is small or large), and the climate that you want to achieve.

An environment as special as the kitchen requires some dedication when choosing the color to paint the walls and combine it with the furniture, appliances and the coatings of this space. And it is clear that there is no special one, on the contrary there is a great variety of colors and combinations that can be used without fear. Incidentally … it is an environment in which strong colors, high contrasts and daring combinations will not look bad.

The different ways of painting the kitchen mean that different climates are created, or in other words: that unique sensations are generated with each combination.

In addition not all colors are appropriate for all types of kitchens, for which the dimensions, style, and natural and artificial lighting that the same has to be taken into account.

Intense colors: a cheerful kitchen

One of the most attractive options is to paint walls with strong colors. Undoubtedly the most vibrant options will give the kitchen that climate of vitality that we are looking for.

The important thing in these cases is to know how to combine with the color of the furniture and the tiles in an appropriate way.

Here you can dare with orange, pistachio green, yellow, turquoise, even red. All the variants of these colors are good options to paint the entire kitchen, or just a wall so that the result is not too loaded.

What colour to paint the kitchen?

Neutral colors: a sober kitchen

If you are looking for an elegant result, but with a more classic and sober air, neutral colors are the right choice. You will have to search in the family of the grays, and also of the earth and beige tones.

So that a kitchen painted in neutral colors is not monotonous and boring you should play with contrasts, for example combining white furniture with black or dark woods. Do not want to use all the elements in the same tones, but choose a cheerful one in small quantity to give a distinctive note.

What colour to paint the kitchen?

A luminous kitchen: white is always a good match to paint the kitchen

Luminous environments are fashionable in modern design, and will surely never leave. In addition, a bright kitchen is ideal for preparing food and for family reunion. White is the most favorable color for light, it also generates a cool climate, with a neat and modern appearance if it is decorated properly.

The white color is the favorite of the minimalist and Nordic styles, where white walls flood light environments. In the kitchen it combines very well with medium and light woods, with steel and glass.

What colour to paint the kitchen?

Soft colors: a delicate kitchen

But if you can not get out of the classic … soft colors are the option for your home. The result is an environment that looks delicate as well as favoring lighting, especially for small kitchens and dark spaces. To avoid a bland result combined with white furniture, creates marked contrast, highlights a wall in an intense color that combines.

Soft colors, also called pastels, are the most recommended for classic style and also Shabby Chic decorations, combining very well with white furniture, cream colors, bone, sand and wood.

What colour to paint the kitchen?

Dark colors: an elegant kitchen. Black is another good colour to paint the kitchen

And finally, if you want to achieve an intimate, relaxing, and even elegant climate, the darker tones can give you a hand. Not only do we speak of black or dark gray, but other more used and pleasant ones such as coffee, navy blue, burgundy, etc.

It is not advisable to use it in kitchens with dark wood furniture, on the contrary the clear woods are appropriate, and much better in contrast with white lacquers or melamine.

What colour to paint the kitchen?
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