Who invented the first kitchen?

In the year 1802, the German inventor Frederick Albert Winson prepared the first food in history cooked with gas. Winson’s kitchen was artisanal, designed simply to demonstrate the culinary possibilities of gas and its cleanliness, compared to coal fires. Many of the experimental gas cookers that emerged were dangerous, due to their smoke escapes and explosions.

It would be thirty years before a truly practical and safe gas cooker was manufactured in Europe. American households would not have these innovative mills in significant numbers until the year 1860.

An unique man who invented the first kitchen in History

Once people felt comfortable and comfortable cooking with gas, they were not inclined to adopt the latest innovation: the electric stove.

The first electric stoves appeared in 1890, and spoiled almost all the meals prepared on them. They were equipped with very rudimentary thermostats, and the temperature could only be regulated roughly, which made the food raw or charred, without a medium term.

On the other hand, the price of such insecure appliances was very high, since the economic rates of the electricity supply for the home would not be realized until the end of the year 1920.

Who invented the first kitchen?

In addition, in certain places there were still many houses that did not have that service. Therefore, the electric stove achieved even more limited diffusion than its gas predecessor, and it took more time to become a standard household element. However, at least in North America, he never won over the gas stove, despite all the predictions.

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