Why decorate with Italian furniture?

Everybody loves the Italian furniture, right?

When you think about decorating the home and looking for the best furniture, you may consider several aspects: the price, the quality of the design and the origin of the furniture. I have asked myself what is the reason for someone to respond to himself, “nothing better than decorating with Italian furniture”, when considering the three variables.

I even saw people ask in furniture stores if they were really buying Italian design armchairs, as if the place of origin of these furniture could affect the decoration of the home in such an important way. But once I started researching this subject, I learned some of the reasons why many choose to decorate with Italian furniture. So today in Total Home I will share some information with you.

Why the Italian furniture is on fire?

The first thing was to ask me why the Italian design is so admired? Soon I shared the opinion of several experts in design and decoration, such as John Pile. This prestigious writer has commented in The history of Interior Design why the importance of design and Italian decoration. And the reason is simple: changes in architecture, interior design and decoration were never as revolutionary as in the Italian Renaissance. This time was very important for the world of Western art and design, giving historical importance to the importance of Italian design and decoration.

But the historical evolution of Italian design continued from century to century, even with ups and downs until the 20th century.

In a Europe devastated by the Second World War, Italy became again an obligatory reference of modern design, according to Pile, and the work for furniture designers was growing: the desire to decorate with Italian furniture became a mandate.

From office furniture or the simplest tea tables to the most sophisticated chairs of modern design, the whole world wanted its share of Italian design.

Why decorate with Italian furniture?

Decorate with Italian furniture at all costs

Then, when I met Giuliano Simonelli’s impressions of modern Italian design, in his lecture “Unbranded Design: the Italian perspective”, in Designing Designers: Unbranded Design for New User Expectation, I understood why it is so important to decorate with Italian furniture.

Even furniture factories in emerging countries such as India or China seek to have Italian professionals and add their talents as designers to the large workforce.

In addition to exporting the traditional aesthetic notions of Italian design, it is the starting point to bring to the whole world the sophistication that this furniture carries with it. Thus, the stamp “made in Italy” becomes much more global, producing furniture in series so that there is no corner of the world without this furniture. On the other hand, it also happens that designs are produced that are not Italian, but their manufacturing is, as in some multifunction armchairs by Bonaldo.

Decorate with quality furniture

In addition to the inherited prestige, the truth is that Italian furniture is still innovative in the world of design and decoration. If you want to decorate with modern Italian furniture, you just have to be aware of what happens in April of each year at the Milan International Furniture Fair, also known as the Milan Design Week. This exhibition brings together designers, architects and decorators from all over the world who are looking to catch up with the prestigious Italian design. Italian geek armchairs? You will surely find them there.

In short, the sum of cultural prestige and the virtues of design, make this kind of furniture a safe bet on home decoration, regardless of the style you prefer. Do you like minimalism? Try the Quinta de Botta, a chair designed by a famous Italian architect, Mario Botta. But to decorate with Italian furniture there are a lot of styles to choose from, right?

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