Spray a Covid-19 disinfectant

We don’t have a coronavirus vaccine yet, but we can disinfect your home and prevent any virus.

We believe we are uniquely qualified to apply disinfectant because we are experts in applying the right amount of coatings to non-uniform substrates , and we understand how to protect ourselves and our environment while spraying. We are using an Ammonium Chloride based product that is food safe and leaves no residue behind.

How we Spray a Covid-19 disinfectant?

We set up air machines to move the air and dry things faster. To keep everyone we get setup outside and disinfect our equipment before entering the building. We also wear heavy filter mask, tyvek suits and gloves. 2 hours after spraying the area is safe for kids, pets and adults.

Remember! Preventing is our only weapon against the virus for now. With a minimum cost you’ll add an extra layer / shield at home, keeping safe your family. Spray a Covid-19 disinfectant is always a good choice.

For only 190 euro disinfect your house and keep your home free of bacteria, we deliver work certificate and cleaning product specifications at the end of each job. Our staff is very professional and we only use authorizated products and solutions.

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